1.4547,254SMO,S31254,Hex Jam Nuts Hex Cap Srews

1.4547,254SMO,S31254,Hex Jam Nuts Hex Cap Srews
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254SMO/S31254 hex jam nuts hex cap srews can be manufactured by 

A jam nut is a low profile nut, half as tall as a standard nut. Used as a type of locknut where it is jammed up against a standard lock nut to lock the two in place. Also used where a standard nut would not fit.

Place of Origin: Ningbo, China (Mainland)

Model Number: DIN ASME GB JIS 

Material: 1.4547,254SMO,S31254

Head type: hex head, round head,square head,socket head 

In stock:  nuts from M6 to M20 

Color: white

Length: from 8 mm to 3 meter

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