DIN933 M6 M24 1.4301 Hex Bolt

DIN933 M6 M24 1.4301 Hex Bolt
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all the above are differernt DIN 933 full thread bolt , which made from material 1.4301, euqual to SS304.

it is a kind of resistant of acid material , which contain Ni 8-11% , and Cr 18-20% .

the 1.4301 bolt size can be hot forging or cold forged according quantity .

however it would be easy to cold forging from M6-M20 in big quantity.

the length can be check from the standard.

the surface is shine and without any gease and oil .

it was made from Ningbo , China.

here is the picture below.

1.4301 DIN933 hex bolt from M6-M24

pls contact us if have any question .

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