Din 933 Din912 Din934 904L Fasteners

Din 933 Din912 Din934 904L Fasteners
Product Details

904L fasteners include 904L bolt , 904L nut , 904L wahers , studs , thread rods and so on.

also there are a lot of standards , as well as different size .

din 933 din912 din934 -904L fasteners

904L is a kind of suprer austinite stainless steel.

which equal to N08904, and 1.4539.

for more detail , pls visit page "904L".

now it is widely used in different industry  as below:

Petroleum, petrochemical equipment,

heat exchangers equipment .

Power plant flue gas desulfurization device

Seawater treatment equipment,

centrifuges, reactors, etc. ,which used in Pharmaceutical plants.