OD from 50 to 200mm Nimonic Alloy

OD from 50 to 200mm Nimonic Alloy
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there are full of size nimonic alloy rod in stock.

dimension from 50-200mm.

Nimonic 80A is a nickel-based ralloy composed of Ni-Cr. 

It has good strength and very good corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance at high temperatures. These advantages make the Nimonic 80A widely used in high temperature hot forging parts such as aerospace, aerospace, power stations and transportation.

Nimonic have different grade as 75, 80A,90 .

however 80A is widely used , and more popular.

all the nimonic material need solution and harden.

for more detail ,  pls visit the page "80A"

OD50-200 -nimonic alloy