Full Thread Monel Screws

Full Thread Monel Screws
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The full threaded screw is a very common product in special metal fastener. One full threaded screw weighs from 25g to 150g according to its standard and size. The technique of full threaded screw is cold forging and CNC machining. The standard of full threaded screw is DIN. The monel is a very special metal fastener.

The full threaded screw has excellent physical properties of high strength, high corrosion resistance and wear resistance, which is because of its material-Monel. Monel has long service life in various acid and alkali media, so its products can be widely used as important parts in cutting-edge industries such as petrochemical, nuclear, and defense industries, and other high-strength, high-corrosion resistance. Monel is a Ni-Cu corrosion-resistant alloy. There are two types: processing-enhanced type, Monel400, 404, R405, etc.; precipitation hardening type, Monel K-500, 502, etc..Monel 400 and K-500 is commonly used. The mechanical properties of Monel K-500 are better than Monel 400, but the corrosion resistance is slightly worse. Monel has excellent corrosion resistance to reducing medium and can be used as corrosion-resistant member, elastic sensitive component, and corrosion-resistant thermocouple protection tube (working temperature <500 °C).

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Packaging Details: Strong pp bag, wooden case

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full thread -monel screws

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