Hexagon Inconel Fasteners

Hexagon Inconel Fasteners
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Hexagon Inconel fasteners are vevy common fastener in special metal fastener. Hexagon Inconel fasteners have different kinds of size, varying from M5 to M32. The weight of Hexagon Inconel fasteners ranges from 35g to 125g according to its size.  The material of ;Hexagon Inconel fasteners is a very common material in fastener manufacturing  industry.

Inconel alloys have excellent oxidation resistance and can maintain their structural integrity in high temperature atmospheres. Some Inconel alloys are used in certain applications where material properties that are not susceptible to corrosive or high purity water corrosion and stress corrosion cracking are required. While each variant of Inconel alloy has unique properties that make it effective in different environments, most Inconel alloys are often used in the chemical industry.

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Packaging Details: Carton, and pallet

Port: Shanghai/Ningbo

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hexagon -inconel fasteners

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