Checking Incoloy 825

Checking Incoloy 825
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The high nickel content gives the alloy 825 an effective resistance to stress corrosion cracking. Incoloy 825 is widely used in a variety of industrial applications below 550 ° C.

Incoloy 825 is suitable for welding with the same material or other metals using any conventional welding process, such as tungsten electrode inert gas shielded welding, plasma arc welding, manual sub-arc welding, metal inert gas shielded welding, molten inert gas shielded welding, in which pulses Arc welding is the preferred solution. When using manual arc welding, it is recommended to use (Ar+He+H2+CO2) a mixture of various protective gases.

Incoloy 825 must be welded in an annealed condition and cleaned with stains, dust and various markings by using a stainless steel wire brush. In order to obtain the best root weld quality during the process of welding the root of the weld, the operation must be very careful (argon 99.99) so that the weld does not produce oxide after the root has been welded. The color produced by the weld heat affected zone should be brushed with stainless steel when the weld zone is not cooled.

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