2.4600 Hastelloy B3 Structure Bolt

2.4600 Hastelloy B3 Structure Bolt
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The structure bolt can be manufactured by forging and CNC machining. The place of origin is in Ningbo, China. The material of structure bolt is 2.4600/Hastelloy B3. Hastelloy B-3 is a face-centered cubic lattice structur,which is through controlling the iron and chromium content to a minimum to reduce the processing fragility and prevent the precipitation of Ni4Mo phase between 700 and 870 °C.

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QA / QC Introduction:

All of our orders will be inspected by our QC team. We will check the quality during the production time .Also check the quality before shipping.

1.Before production, we will use spectrometer to test raw material to prevent mistakes.

2.Every step QC department will record ,such as raw material cutting dimension, semi-finished product size, quantity , finished item detailed size.

3.Before delivery ,detailed inspection report of finished products will present.

4.Beside size, we will check 10% to 20% of total quantity products whether have thread broken ,greasy, marking.packing ect.

5.Before delivery ,we will provide our mill test certificate together with inspection report.

6.Our mechanical property always shows tensile strength ,yield strength ,elongation,hardness, if you need more, just let us know in advance.

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