M20 Cold Forging Hexagon 2205 Bolt

M20 Cold Forging Hexagon 2205 Bolt
Product Details

usually bolt for 2205 material can be cold forged in M6-M16 size .

for M20 size , that would be hard to cold forged, usually are worked in hot forging.

however cold forging process are very competitive in price and fast production.

finnaly the engineer find a good way to succeed the M20 bolt in cold forging for 2205 material .

the size can be checked from DIN933 or DIN931 , the length can be as customer's choice.

Regarding the material , 2205 is a kind of duplex stainless steel , which include Ferrite  and austinite 's property .

for more detail , pls visit page "2205".

M20 cold forging hexagon -2205 bolt