DIN934 M16 Cold Forged 2205 Nut

DIN934 M16 Cold Forged 2205 Nut
Product Details

DIN934 M16 cold forged 2205 nut are wide used in many industry.

however M16 nut is not small for cold forge process. 

size can be checked from standard "DIN934" .

besides the material 2205 is a duplex stainless steel , with high ability to risitance the rusty or acid surranding , for more detail , pls visit our page "2205"

usually it is for big quantity , cold forge process can be in fast speed production , the most important is to save the cost . however the cold forging would be a bit radius and not sharp in dimension.

for more detail of cold process , pls visit our page in "cold forging"

DIN934 M16 -cold forged 2205 nut