ASTM A312 63x7x 6000mm Length TP347H Tube

ASTM A312 63x7x 6000mm Length TP347H Tube
Product Details

this is a very special stainless steel TP347 tube ,

size in 63x7x6000mm , so the thickness is the 7mm.

the total length can be cut as customer's request .

we supply the sawing service.

regarding teh TP347 , here is the more detail for that .

it is ferritic and austenitic alloy steel,

and wide used in boiler, superheater, and heat exchanger tubes and so on.

chemical composition as :

Carbon: 0.04-0.10
Silicon: 0.75 max.
Manganese: 2.00 max.
Nickel: 9.00-13.0
Potassium: 0.04 max.
Chromium: 17.0-20.0
Sulfur: 0.03 max.
Molybdenum: n/a


as well as physical property:

Tensile Strength: MPa: 517
Yield: MPa: 207
Elongation in 2in. or 50mm, min. %: 35
Max. Hardness Rockwell B: 90


here is the pictures below.