What is the prototype ?

Prototyping is a part which we work direct from stp. stl,x_t or other format drawing , it is without mold , make the shape the same as drawing to check.

Why we need make prototyping ?

When we design a new project , all data are in the drawings , however not very sure it is correct or reasonable . it is risk to make a tooling for the new products . so that we make a prototyping to check and to assemble it , to check if the design is correct . as we know to work tooling is very expensive and also takes long time . however it is cheaper and quick to make a prototyping . to reduce the risk , it is worthy to make a prototyping.

How to work the prototyping ?

First to work 3D drawing by software ,ie. solidworks, UG,Pro-E.

We usually work prototyping in three ways , one is CNC cutting , second  is FDM printer ,third way is SLA 3D printer .

Material usually in plastic or aluminum.  That is very quick to work and most customer can received it in one week..

Picture for differnt example of prototyping with differnet machine to work.

cnc cutting-s.jpgheatsink-pro.jpg

CNC milling service

CNC machining/milling center , to work direct as drawing.

material usualy in aluminum and platic.

3D printer-1.jpgsla -1.jpg

SLA 3D printing service

usually to work material of Photosensitive resin, nylon , ABS and so on.

for SLA 3D printer works more and more popular , we make many sulution for  our cusotmers .

here is more cases below.