Steel Casting Parts In Chroming

Steel Casting Parts In Chroming
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Product description:

This Steel Casting Parts In Chroming is available in black, galvanized, nickel plated, chrome plated, silver plated, gold plated and powder coated finishes. It can be applied to automobiles, machinery, electronic products, stationery, computers, power switches, micro switches, metal molds, sports equipment, etc. Steel Casting Parts In Chroming offers a complete, hard chrome finish from start to finish. From pre-inspection, stripping chrome, pre-grinding, stress relief, pre-polishing, hard chrome plating, hydrogen embrittlement, precision grinding pre-test and cleaning to masking and etching to final polishing and finishing, we are a full-service chrome supplier . This Steel Casting Parts In Chroming is manufactured with a close attention to every step of the process to ensure that the coatings we use meet or exceed customer expectations and meet customer and industry standards.


Products show and scope


Product specifications:

1,OEM steel casting parts in chroming



4,Process:steel casting,

5,Surface:shot blasted and polishing,chorming

6,Used in forniture industry.

7,Place of origin in zhenhai,Ningbo

8,Tolerance in CT8 grade.

9,Sampling in one month and production ability in 10ton per month.

Workshop :





Mold stock

CNC in making mold

Material stock

Wax injection





Shell buliding room

Shell baking room

Casting in grinding cast gate

Products ready after shot blasted


packed in wooden case.jpg


Packed in the pallet

Packed in wooden case

Pallet wrapped with plastic film in container

Test equipmentand test bars:





Spectrum analyzer

Tensile testing machine

Hardness tester

notch bar impact

Tensil strength Test bar


Q: Can you do the design service ?

A: It is OK , tell us your request , we can design and make rapid 3D prototype to check .

Q: Can you provide the samples ? is the sample free?

A: Most of sample are worked by tooling , we need to invest . so the sample is not free. However we can share the cost with customer . if the tooling or mold is not expensive , we can make the sample free for our old customer.

Q: How many staff do you have ?

A: 7-10skilled collogue work together .

Q:How many days can I get the sample ?

A: According the product structure , usually in 2—4weeks .

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