High Precise Investment Moulding

High Precise Investment Moulding
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Product Details

Product description:

The initial processing cost of this High Precise Investment Moulding is low, so its average initial processing cost is usually lower than other manufacturing and processing costs. It eliminates material waste well because the investment castings are essentially cast to size, reducing the amount of processing required. It has great design flexibility and ability. Design flexibility, whether alloy or internal and external, is an advantage. This High Precise Investment Moulding is close to tolerance because it consistently imposes tight tolerances on other processes and is considered an advantage. Its surface finish is very good, because for investment casting, the surface finish of the product is very important. If you need a one-piece assembly to reduce assembly and reassembly time, if you want to eliminate manufacturing costs and reduce welding use, or if you want to use castings to reduce processing time, then investment casting will be a wise decision to influence your profit.

Product specifications:

1, High precise investment moulding

2, Material:42Cr steel alloy.

3, Weight=1480g

4, Process:investment molding,shot blasted.

5, Surface:shot blasted,green powder coated.

6, Used in Mining machinery casting industry.

7, Place of origin in zhenhai,Ningbo,China

8, Tolerance in CT8 grade.

9, Sampling in four weeks and production ability in 10ton per month.







Mold stock

CNC in making mold

Material stock

Wax injection






Shell buliding room

Shell baking room

Casting in grinding cast gate

Products ready after shot blasted


 packed in wooden case.jpg


Packed in the pallet

Packed in wooden case

Pallet wrapped with plastic film in container

Test equipment and test bars





Spectrum analyzer

Tensile testing machine

Hardness tester

notch bar impact

Tensil strength Test bar