Machined Stainless Steel Investment Castings

Machined Stainless Steel Investment Castings
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Product description:

This Machined Stainless Steel Investment Casting has a completely uniform fine-grained solid solution microstructure. The grain size can be the jet temperature and the temperature treatment generally does not affect the grain size. The initial temperature in the heat treatment chamber used is near the temperature of the casting and then increases at a slow to medium rate until the soaking temperature is reached. Machined Stainless Steel Investment Casting's soaking temperature is usually high in order to promote the dissolution of any inorganic compounds that may be present. Temperatures at 2000 °F or near 2000 °F generally do not result in the desired homogenization of the cargo. Its chemical composition can eventually set the soaking temperature. When the casting is away from the warm processing chamber, it must be quenched immediately. This quenching speed must be high enough to prevent any carbides from settling. Relaxation quenching can significantly reduce the toughness of the fabric. Under toughening conditions, Machined Stainless Steel Investment Casting is usually processed last, with little or no special care.

Products show and scope


Product specifications:

1,Machined stainless steel investment castings as drawing



4,Process:stainless steel casting

5,Surface:shot blasted.

6,Used in valve industry.

7,Place of origin in zhenhai,Ningbo

8,Tolerance in CT5 grade.

9,Sampling in one month and production ability in 10ton per month.






Mold stock

CNC in making mold

Material stock

Wax injection





Shell buliding room

Shell baking room

Casting in grinding cast gate

Products ready after shot blasted


packed in wooden case.jpg


Packed in the pallet

Packed in wooden case

Pallet wrapped with plastic film in container

Test equipmentand test bars





Spectrum analyzer

Tensile testing machine

Hardness tester

notch bar impact

Tensil strength Test bar


Q:How many days can I get the sample ?

A: According the product structure , usually in 2—4weeks .

Q: How about the company’s turnover?

A: About 3milion US dollar.

Q: How many staff do you have ?

A: 7-10skilled collogue work together .

Q: How about the production time ?

A: According the quantity and usually in about one month . however we suggest to place order early before new year time . it is crazy busy from the Christmas and Chinese spring festival .

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