Fabrication Stainless Steel Castings

Fabrication Stainless Steel Castings
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Product description:

Fabrication Stainless Steel Castinghas excellent stain or rust resistance. It can be widely used in bulk material handling equipment, building facades and roofs, automotive components, chemical processing plants, pulp and paper manufacturing, petroleum refining, water supply pipelines, consumer goods, marine and shipbuilding, pollution control, sporting goods and transportation. Fabrication Stainless Steel Castings has good corrosion resistance and high ductility, so it has good ability to bend the material without breaking. The mechanical cutting used is done in a number of ways, including direct cutting with a cutting knife, circular cutting with horizontal and vertical positioning circular knives, sawing, punching and biting with high speed steel blades. Its punching uses metal punches and dies to punch out the shape by shearing. Fabrication Stainless Steel Castings is a process of cutting by blanking a series of overlapping holes, ideal for irregular shapes.

Products show and scope


Product specifications:

1, Custom fabrication stainless steel castings in high quality



4,Process:stainless steel casting

5,Surface:shot blasted.CNC machining.

6,Used in machinery partsindustry.

7,Place of origin in zhenhai,Ningbo,China

8,Tolerance in CT5 grade.

9,Sampling in one month and production ability in 10ton per month.






Mold stock

CNC in making mold

Material stock

Wax injection





Shell buliding room

Shell baking room

Casting in grinding cast gate

Products ready after shot blasted


packed in wooden case.jpg


Packed in the pallet

Packed in wooden case

Pallet wrapped with plastic film in container

Test equipmentand test bars:





Spectrum analyzer

Tensile testing machine

Hardness tester

notch bar impact

Tensil strength Test bar


Q: Can I make logo into our products?

A: It is OK , we can milling your logo , or laser the logo ,or paint it , even made logo in the mold.

Q:How many days can I get the sample ?

A: According the product structure , usually in 2—4weeks .

Q: Which country did you export to ?

A: Most are export to West Europe and north Europe and North America area.

Q: Where is your location?

A: Ningbo city ,Zhejiang Province ,east of China. Very near the Ningbo sea port .

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