The Order Of Flat Washer Finished

A order was received from our partner several days ago.Our company is required to manufacture 2000 pieces 1.4410 flat washer M12 according to the client’s needs. The order of flat washer can be got from time to time. It is not very hard to produce 1.4410 flat washer M12 and not guite demanding in technology.

There are part of the quantity of 1.4410 flat washer M12 required for our order. The flat washer that can be found in a large number of machine is usually used to reduce friction, to prevent leakage, and to prevent loosening. etc.

The 1.4410 flat washer M12 will be exported to France. And it has been exported to Italy, Germany, English and America in previous several orders of flat washer.This is a good product.

Material: 1.4410

Product: Flat washer

Quantity: 2000 pcs

Specs: M12

1.4410 flat washer M12