Steel Casting The Advantages

Cast steel as a very important metal parts, Steel Casting the role is very large. Its application is not only wide, the demand is also an annual increase in the rapid. The face of domestic competition in the same industry, outstanding enterprises to innovative and accurate production technology to win a more stable market; the face of foreign markets, although our steel still there is a gap, Steel Casting but China's steel industry did not stop , Has been in the effort, although the gap is the market demand is unstoppable. China's steel industry still has a very large development space.

Actively adjust the industrial structure, and constantly expand the application areas, continue to absorb the advantages of domestic and foreign competitors, whichever is the essence, Steel Casting to its dregs, steadily walking in the continuous development of competition among the torrent. For the domestic steel industry development, industrial structure to change the development of cast steel technology. Because, Steel Casting what kind of technical progress of steel castings are not out of its national conditions. China's basic national conditions are large population, rich labor, but the capital scarcity, per capita resources have less.

Cast steel industry as a labor-intensive industries have been developed, the relevant national policies should support and support. At the same time, the steel industry in the technical development of the more emphasis on the development of various resources to improve the efficiency of the use of technology, Steel Casting such as energy-saving technologies, technology and resource conservation, reuse technology. Vigorously develop labor-intensive economy, with intensive use of labor resources, saving capital and natural resources. From another point of view the development of labor-intensive economy is not not technical progress, which requires technological progress must be conducive to the full use of labor and conservation of capital and natural resources, in order to maximize the efficiency of the use of various resources.

Casting steel to develop appearance, shape, core method: the use of solid wood as the operating side of the rack as a real sample. In the wood surface of the steel, wood and soil together with the production methods to achieve the formation of the box within the box to achieve the quality requirements of the mold, Steel Casting saving wood and time. Casting the process of sand and core sand production materials is very important. In order to make the quality of the rack meet the requirements, the use of resin as the type, core sand. Steel Casting You can ensure that sand and sand core quality requirements, but also can improve the productivity. Steel Casting In the cast steel parts of the riser surface to add a cold iron, which is to make the casting of the solidification order can be achieved to design, and better protect the quality of the casting requirements.

The cost of large-scale gear processing is low, and the inspection of the quality of the castings in the production process is very strict. Therefore, Steel Casting it is possible to ensure that the products produced by the large-scale gears are of high quality and are not caused by poor rigidity Of the deformation and bending and other phenomena, Steel Casting and large-scale gear processing using the casting process also makes large gear life longer, so trusted by consumers.