Stainless Steel Casting Solidification Is Slow

Alloy steel casting casting conditions set unreasonable: such as pouring filling process is too long, Stainless Steel Casting resulting in pouring process pouring molten steel temperature is low, especially for the casting wall thickness increase position, pouring molten steel solidification speed is slow, Stainless Steel Casting causing liquid Phase - solid residence time is longer, which leads to the growth of molten steel and the thermal decomposition products, and increases the carburization and carbon deposition of cast steel.

Production of alloy steel castings Carbon content in smelting ingredients is not strictly controlled, in particular the carbon content in various scraps and the presence of other alloying materials in various scraps.

Alloy steel casting casting system is set unreasonable: especially the vacuum system and casting sand or cast casting process configuration unreasonable, Stainless Steel Casting resulting in casting in the casting process, pouring sand box within the vacuum, the deviation is too large, Or the actual vacuum is insufficient, and the vacuum pressure gauge is in line with the technical parameters of the wrong value, so that the appearance of the thermal decomposition products can not quickly and quickly discharge casting cavity, resulting in carburizing or carbon deposition.

Stainless steel casting production is the key part of the sand treatment part, Stainless Steel Casting as the name suggests is to deal with dry sand, choose these sand itself is less dust, the effect will naturally be good, especially the pearl sand, and even if there is no sand processing, artificial sand Dust, then it is relatively more convenient point. Stainless steel castings commonly used dry sand is generally washed quartz sand, sea sand, and sapphire sand, the size is generally 20 to 40 mesh, mainly based on its degree of fire resistance, Stainless Steel Casting that is, silicon content can not be less than 95%, then from him Of the permeability of the choice, the first two kinds of sand for the general casting, more economical.

 Baozhu sand is artificial sand, the performance is better, Stainless Steel Casting more durable, but the price is four to five times higher than ordinary sand, one-time investment costs will be relatively large, but long-term use because of his low loss rate, regardless of the cost or Casting quality is better than ordinary casting sand.