Investment Casting Stainless Steel Coupling

Basic Info

  • Process: Lost Wax Casting

  • Application: Instrument Accessories

  • Surface Preparation: Polishing

  • Machining Tolerance: +/-0.10mm

  • Mould Material: Aluminum

  • Origin: Ningbo, China

  • Casting Method: gravity casting

  • Molding Technics: Inject Wax Mold

  • Material: 304,316

  • Surface Roughness: Ra1.6

  • Ball Coupling: 2inches

  • Product Description

We design and work the investment casting tooling ourself,for we have CNC machine. and supply the casting and do the precision machining as well. Fast Tooling & sample lead time, competitive tooling cost and reasonable unit price, consistent good quality.

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Material type :SS304, SS316, SS316L