Hot Forged Eye Nut M16 for Shipment

We have hot forged eye nut prepared for shipment today. The customer needs eight hundred pieces, which is a large number for such a product and quite heavy for freight. First, we put this hot forged eye into the paperboard, then put the paper board into the wooden box. The cargo is so comparatively heavy that we hammer the nails into the iron sheet to reinforce the wooden case from outside. The nut was manufactured through hot forging, then with hot dip zinc plated surface. It is a quite mature technology that is widely used in all kinds of industrial products.

This shipment exports to Germany by sea. Our client will receive this shipment about thirty days later.

Product: hot forged eye nut

Specs: M 16

Quantity: 800pcs

800pcs of hot forged eye nut M 16 ready , with hot dip zinc plated surface