Die Casting Parts The Mold Development

In recent years, with the aluminum-magnesium alloy alloy die casting products in the market continues to expand the scope of application, domestic aluminum and other alloy die casting in recent years to carry out rapidly. In the current market conditions better, is not because of certain factors, which is the industry a lot of people concerned about the problem.

Although aluminum die-casting mold products in the domestic sales of the excellent, but does not mean that the sale of foreign excellent, or outside the market has its special needs and not the same in the domestic consumption habits, which is an indisputable reality. Domestic experts Luo Baihui mold that the constraints of China's current die-casting mold to carry out the main reasons are:

First, the domestic die-casting mold in the use of raw materials above there are still many shortcomings;

Second, the backward technology is China's die-casting mold industry has been carried out by a very large obstacle;

Third, China's die-casting mold industry supporting system is not perfect. These factors are restricting China's aluminum die-casting mold industry to carry out the bottleneck, China's aluminum die-casting mold industry only broke through this big bottleneck, and increase the development efforts, and constantly adjust the way to form a place in the international market.

Die-casting and die are two different occupations, but die-casting and mold industry can be integrated, die-casting mold career is the birth of the two perfect combination, that is die-casting, mold, die-casting mold is three different Occupation, they mainly in the following ways to survive:

The first is a mold, die-casting integration, all the mold their own production, and rarely to other enterprises to do the mold; the second professional die-casting mold production, no die-casting; the third is only die-casting, no mold production capacity;

In a variety of models there is a common phenomenon, do the mold, whether the planners are still production staff, basically rarely from the die-casting production began to start, especially a lot of die-casting mold making enterprises, no die-casting machine, test mode is outside Interview or test mode at the customer, mold planning production staff for the chance of contact with die casting very little.

With the intensification of industrial division of labor, industrial boundaries gradually blurred, industrial cross to carry out, between the three professional should strengthen ties, learn from each other, the three organically integrated to get more room for development.