Die Casting Parts Structure And Details

In the die-casting production, the die casting in the sub-surface, Die Casting Parts the core with the edge of the metal sheet, we call it burr. The existence of burrs is the most common problem of die casting, it will not only affect the size of the product, assembly accuracy, but also seriously affect the appearance of the product. The amount of burr is one of the important indicators to measure the quality of die casting, the more burr, the lower the quality standards.

In the actual industrial production, Die Casting Parts for the die to remove the burr problem, each enterprise has no fundamental way to completely solve. In a sense, the production of burrs or with the industry's objective existence and inevitability. The main reason for the mold, the mold is not hooked, die-casting machine set a variety of injection conditions are not adjusted to the best condition, mold structure such as runner, exhaust design unreasonable. And even if the above factors are no problem in the case, the initial production of products without burrs, but over time, the mold within the dirt, wear and other reasons will also produce the mold produced products burr. Die Casting Parts The resulting repeated mold, mold will also affect the production efficiency and mold life. It can be seen that the analysis of the burr of the die casting and the study of the burr removal method have important practical value. In this paper, by analyzing the causes of the burrs of a die casting of a photovoltaic product, Die Casting Parts a reasonable and effective prevention and removal of burr scheme is proposed.

The traditional deburring method is manually removed by hand tools such as rasp and knives and other hand tools. The method is time-consuming and low in production efficiency. Because of the high precision of the precision die castings in this paper, the manual deburring Can not meet the requirements of use. Die Casting Parts In addition, the burrs of the casting can be removed by removing the riser with the stamping die, but the burrs can not be removed from the internal structure and details.

For the die castings in this paper, a new technique is used to remove burrs, ie thermal deburring. The working principle of the thermal deburring is to place the required deburring parts in a closed container and then fill a certain amount of hydrogen (or methane) and oxygen. After the spark plug is ignited, the mixed gas reacts in an instant, (Flash) in the high temperature (about 3000 ℃), high pressure (20 times the inflation pressure), high speed (8 times the speed of sound) under the effect of heating spontaneous combustion, Die Casting Parts and to achieve the purpose of removing the burr (flash).

Burr relative to the parts of the matrix, the surface area is large and the volume is relatively small, which can absorb more heat, but also because of the gas penetration is good, Die Casting Parts all-pervasive, so for some difficult to remove the manual parts of the burr is very good To remove the effect. Burr roots are generally thin and thin, so that it can be very good to suppress the heat to the internal parts of the transfer Moreover, the reaction time is very short, so only a small burr can be burned to remove. As the heat generated by the main body of the parts will not have any impact, so the general will not make the basic performance of parts change, and the high efficiency of the deburring, Die Casting Parts process performance and stability.

With the previous method, the quality of the deburring is difficult to guarantee and the effect is unstable. After the assembly, the residual burrs are peeled off due to the action of the fluid, which may affect the performance of the product, and the thermal deburring method has a good effect on such products. Die Casting Parts This shows that the cast burr is basically removed, there is no residue, Die Casting Parts and did not cause secondary damage products, especially in the complex shape of the small parts of the The

 Through the analysis of the causes and removal methods of the burrs of the die-casting parts of the optoelectronic products, two feasible schemes are proposed: one is to avoid the burrs by controlling the die-casting process parameters and adjusting the mold structure; Die Casting Parts the second is the new technology --- Deburring method to remove burrs, the method has a wide range of applications, fixture is simple, low cost, Die Casting Parts fast processing capacity, short cycle time.