Die Casting Parts Requirements

The production practice shows that improving the quality of aluminum alloy melt is the key factor to improve the quality of die casting. The melting process of aluminum alloy should stipulate the melting temperature, Die Casting Parts the melting time and the proportion of chargeback, Die Casting Parts etc. In the aluminum alloy smelting process, Where the use of back to the charge of aluminum, the required refining agent, the proportion of slag removal agent than the use of aluminum alloy ingot melting, the increase in proportion and the proportion of back to the charge to have a corresponding relationship. After the smelting of the metal liquid to timely slag, Die Casting Parts degassing work, in the process of concentration of molten metal per pot should be the chemical composition of the detection, to ensure that the product in the melting process of various chemical composition qualified. But also to avoid long smelting, it will make the alloy liquid hydrogen content increases, will affect the strength of the die-casting products, Die Casting Parts air tightness and other properties.

For the production of those who have the requirements of the airtight casting, but also the need to monitor the gas removal effect to ensure that the gas content in the alloy liquid to meet the requirements, if necessary, the use of hydrogen car on the aluminum liquid gas content of the qualitative measurement and the use of density Measurement method to monitor the quality of aluminum liquid.

Slow injection is the role of the slow movement of the punch, Die Casting Parts the metal melt accumulation in the punch front without jump wave, with the punch forward, the melt level gradually increased to reach the top of the pressure chamber, the pressure chamber The gas is removed from the mold exhaust. Die Casting Parts To this end, in the slow injection preheating mold stage, it is necessary to set the process of slow injection speed to verify.

Generally, a simple method can be used to confirm the slow injection process parameters. When the plunger starts to reach the quick start position, the plunger stops automatically (the function can be customized on some die presses). To be alloying liquid after cooling out, cutting, turning observation to judge.

At the correct slow injection speed, when the molten metal reaches the inner gate, the molten metal in the press chamber has completely become a complete cylinder. Die Casting Parts When it is found that the internal structure is relatively dense and there is no visible pores, Slow injection speed is generally appropriate. Inappropriate slow injection speed, will produce serious gas. As can be seen from Figure 2, slow injection speed of 0.17m / s, the handle inside the existence of serious holes. At this time will have a negative impact on the quality of castings.

As the degree of automation of die-casting production is generally low, basically also in a semi-manual operation of the state, the quality of die casting and operating skills, working environment, mental state has a great relationship; to make these factors as much as possible Stability, my company in this regard to take the main measures are: fixed, fixed machine, set the product of the "three principles", Die Casting Parts that is, the specific people in a particular device to produce specific products; once any of these three Factors have changed, must be confirmed and monitored,

Under normal circumstances, the production of each product are carried out in batches, each time to re-replace the mold after the consistency of the process must be clearly confirmed; the current die-casting equipment on the more common speed adjustment method is relatively simple, slow Injection speed is basically no detection and control, fast injection speed is often used as shown in Figure 3 to adjust the hand wheel, according to the manufacturers to provide hand wheel scale and two fast table to check the current process parameters;