Die Casting Parts Production Requirements

The current technical quality of die-casting technical staff can not meet the requirements of die-casting production is ubiquitous. Many technical staff of the technical quality are too single, mold designers on the die-casting production process and the use of die-casting equipment performance are not even familiar with the design of the mold is often in the casting system and mold structure can not meet the die-casting production site technology Requirements, Die Casting Parts especially the design of the casting system is more prominent.

Most of the on-site technical staff on the mold design is a little knowledge, Die Casting Parts often a new mold, even in the mold design process, have been used by the factory manufacturers of the process of multiple technical review, but still need to be used in the production Times toss, modify the ability to meet the normal production requirements, the review will become a go through the field.

And as a pair of die-casting die in this Taiwan die-casting machine can be a normal production, in another die-casting machine on the production of qualified castings to. If the new die-casting machine, Die Casting Parts it may determine the quality of the die-casting machine, and if it is already in the use of die-casting machine to determine the die-casting machine than the previous die-casting machine quality is poor.

Die-casting mold design, die-casting machine performance and on-site die-casting process itself is a three-in-one, for the die-casting technical staff, must be a comprehensive grasp of these three aspects of knowledge, or a lot of technical problems in production is puzzling The Often have to push the problem is to cast their own craft is not good, the problem is inevitable, can not find the real reason for the problem Lei, Die Casting Parts which is their own technical quality is not high reason. So to improve the technical quality of technical staff is an urgent need to face. The quickest way to take a contest on the training, what is the lack of what way.

Die-casting mold design, in addition to the rationality of the mold structure, the more important is the rationality of the casting system. Pouring system design, must use the "three-field analysis" ①, to analyze and improve the design of the gating system, so that the liquid metal according to the order of human fill to fill, as far as possible each unit of liquid metal flow in the filling can simultaneously To the ideal edge of the cavity, that is to say that the flow rate of liquid metal flow per share is not the same speed, Die Casting Parts to reach the edge of the process is necessary to speed up the flow. This is in the filling of the cavity in favor of the exhaust and pressure transmission. This mold can have a wide range of die-casting parameters to adjust the scope of the die casting in the production site, easy to master the adjustment of die-casting process parameters, and can adapt to the performance of a variety of different die-casting machine to achieve high production efficiency and high Of the production rate of die casting. Die-casting molds are extremely important tools for die-casting production and must be refined. Die Casting Parts Only the performance of the perfect die-casting mold, and can be used with the die-casting machine to match, in order to improve the production efficiency of die casting and die casting quality, thereby reducing the cost of die casting production.

Die die is working in high temperature state, in the manufacture of die-casting mold to be a reasonable choice. In the non-live parts with the accuracy can be higher, the formation of the active parts of the coordination accuracy depends on the working state here to determine a principle, Die Casting Parts that is, in the process parameters must be adjusted within the range, the production can not run for the in principle. Difficult to exhaust the site as much as possible to give a certain gap, easy to exhaust. Die Casting Parts All parts of the manufacturing accuracy of the level, mostly by the mold structure, and its work status, 慿 experience to determine. Not die-casting mold manufacturing the higher the better, not die-casting mold manufacturing accuracy everywhere can be the same.