Die Casting Parts Process Measures

There is only one reason for the phenomenon of shrinkage and shrinkage of the die castings, Die Casting Parts that is, the phase transition shrinkage which is inevitable when the molten metal is solidified from the liquid phase to the solid phase.As the solidification of the die casting is characterized by cooling from outside to inside, When the casting wall thickness is large, the internal inevitably produce shrinkage shrinkage problem.

Die casting shrinkage problem, Die Casting Parts can not be completely resolved from the die-casting process itself, to completely solve this problem, can only go beyond the process, or from outside the system to find a solution.

There are two ways to make up the casting, Die Casting Parts one is the natural fill, one is forced to shrink.To achieve the natural shrinkage, Die Casting Parts our casting process system, we must have to achieve "sequential solidification" process A lot of people intuitively think that the use of low-pressure casting method can solve the shrinkage of the casting shrinkage, but the fact is not the case.Using low-pressure casting process, Die Casting Parts does not mean you can solve the shrinkage of the casting shrinkage, If the low-pressure casting process system is not equipped with the filling process measures, then the low-pressure casting means to produce the rough, Die Casting Parts it is possible that 100 percent of the shrinkage of loose defects.

Because of the characteristics of the die-casting process itself, Die Casting Parts it is more difficult and complicated to set up the natural "sequential solidification" process measures.The most fundamental reason may also be that the "sequential solidification" process measures require a longer casting Of the solidification time, Die Casting Parts which, with the die-casting process itself a bit contradictory

To achieve the casting of the forced filling can be achieved to two levels.One is the basic can eliminate the shrinkage of the casting shrinkage of the degree, one is to make the rough inside the broken grain or forging tissue or the extent of. Different words to express these two different degrees, then the former we can use "squeeze" to express, Die Casting Parts the latter, we can use "forging" to express.

There are two situations in which the concept of pressure can occur, one is in the case of liquid, that is, "Archimedes' law", for the sake of clarity, Die Casting Parts we define it as "liquid pressure" and the other In solid-state situations, we define it as a "solid-state pressure." It is important to note that the conditions of the pressure concept appearing in these two different states. If we are confused, there is a big problem.

Die-casting mold costs accounted for a large proportion of the cost of die-casting, and die-casting mold costs are allocated to the cost of each die-casting, which requires us to minimize the number of unnecessary mold production to improve the overall die-casting mold Life, Die Casting Parts as much as possible to reduce the cost of die casting die in the cost of each die in the allocation, to create greater efficiency.

In the cold chamber die casting, the pressure time indicates the response speed of the supercharging pressure. The ordinary die casting machine is realized by adjusting the supercharging speed adjustment hand wheel. Die Casting Parts The advanced die-casting machine can set the boost pressure and time curve directly on the control panel. The starting point of the pressurization process can be triggered by position, pressure and speed.

Aluminum alloy die castings based on wall thickness holding time and retention time recommended value. If the process parameters set by the above and according to the die casting after the start of the product, Die Casting Parts did not meet the quality requirements of the product, you need to mold the pouring system to modify the adjustment.