CNC Machining Parts Work Process

CNC Machining Parts NC Machining parts on the processing of parts, to be in advance according to the requirements of parts processing drawings to determine the parts processing route, process parameters and tool data, and then according to the NC Machine tool Programming Manual of the relevant provisions to write parts NC machining procedures, then through the input device to the NC processing program input to the NC system, in the NC system control software support, after processing and calculation, issued the corresponding control instructions, through the servo system to make the machine tool according to the predetermined trajectory movement, CNC Machining Parts so as to carry out parts cutting. <BR> <STRONG> the entire process of machining parts on a CNC machine is as follows:

1. Parts drawing Process processing &nbsp; Get the parts processing drawing, according to the drawings, the workpiece shape, size, position relationship, technical requirements of the analysis, and then determine the reasonable processing plan, processing route, clamping mode, CNC Machining Parts cutting tool and cutting parameters, to the knife point, change the knife point, but also to consider the use of CNC machine tool instruction function.

2. After the processing of the processing &nbsp;, according to the machining route and the geometrical size of the drawing, the tool center motion trajectory is calculated and the cutter data is obtained. If the CNC system has the tool compensation function, it is necessary to calculate the coordinate value on the contour trajectory. <BR> 3. NC Programming &nbsp; According to the processing route, process parameters, knife position data and NC system specified function instruction code and Program section format, to write NC processing program. After the program is finished, it can be stored on the control media (such as floppy disk, tape).

4. Program input &nbsp; NC machining program input to NC system through input device. At present, the main input methods are floppy drive, USB interface, $literal interface, MDI manual input, distributed digital control Interface, network interface and so on. CNC systems generally have two different types of input work: One kind is the edge input processing, the DNC belongs to this kind of work way; CNC Machining Parts another is a part NC machining program input to the computer internal memory, processing and then by the memory of a section of the outside to read out, floppy drive, USB interface that belongs to this type of work.

5. The program of decoding &nbsp; inputting contains the outline information of the part, such as the starting point and end point coordinate of the line; The starting point, the end point, the center coordinate of the hole, the central coordinates of the holes, the depth of the hole, CNC Machining Parts the cutting dosage (feed speed, spindle speed), auxiliary information (change knife, coolant opening and closing, spindle shun turn and reversal, etc.). NC System according to a program segment, according to certain grammatical rules to interpret the NC program, translated into the computer can recognize the data format, and in a certain data format in the specified memory area. Also completes the syntax check of the program section while decoding. If there is a mistake, give the alarm immediately.

6. Data processing &nbsp; Data processing programs generally include tool compensation, speed calculation and auxiliary function handlers. Tool Compensation has tool radius compensation and tool length compensation. The tool RADIUS compensation task is to calculate the tool center trajectory according to the tool RADIUS compensation value and the part contour trajectory. The task of tool length compensation is to calculate the actual moving value of tool axis according to the tool length compensation and program value. The velocity calculation is based on the synthetic feed velocity given in the program to calculate the speed of each axis. CNC Machining Parts The auxiliary function's processing mainly completes the instruction the recognition, the storage, the establishment sign, these instructions are mostly the switch quantity signal, the modern numerical control machine tool can be controlled by.

7. The interpolation &nbsp; NC Machining program provides the starting point, the end point and the trajectory of the tool movement, CNC Machining Parts and the process of cutting from the starting point along the line or the arc trajectory to the end point is controlled by the interpolation software of the NC system. The task of interpolation is to calculate the coordinate value of the intermediate point between the beginning and end of the contour, which is the work of the data point, according to the requirement of the feed speed of the program.