CNC Machining Parts The Program Format

CNC machining parts, it is to point to in the numerical control machine tool parts processing on a process method, the numerical control machine tool processing and traditional machining process planning in general is consistent, but also significant changes have taken place. To control the machining of parts and tool displacement with digital information. It is an effective way to solve the problem of variety, small batch, complex shape, high precision and high efficiency and automation.

Technology analysis

The processing technology of the processed parts is very wide, and the following is the main content which must be analyzed and reviewed in combination with the possibility and convenience of programming.

1. Dimensions shall be marked in accordance with the characteristics of nc machining

In numerical control programming, all points, lines, dimensions and positions are based on the origin of the programming. Therefore, it is best to give the coordinate dimensions directly, or try to use the same reference size.

The conditions of the geometric elements should be complete and accurate

In programming, the programmer must fully grasp the geometrical element parameters and the relationship between the geometrical elements. Because at the time of automatic programming to outline all of the metal parts geometry elements are defined, the manual programming to calculate the coordinates of each node, no matter what is not clear or uncertain, programming can be performed. However, due to the lack of consideration in the design process of the part designer, the parameters are not fully or unclear, such as arc and line, arc and arc are tangent or intersecting or disjoint. Therefore, when reviewing and analyzing the drawings, be careful to find out the problems timely and contact the designers.

3. Reliable positioning datum

In nc machining, the machining process tends to be concentrated and it is very important to position the same base. Therefore, it is necessary to set some auxiliary benchmarks, or add some process punch to the blank.

4. Uniform geometry type or size

The shape of the part and the inner chamber are the best to use a uniform geometric type or size, which can reduce the number of times of changing the number of knives, and may also use the control program or special program to shorten the program length. The shape of the parts is as symmetrical as possible. It is convenient to use the mirror of nc machine tool to program the processing function to save programming time.

Program structure

The program segment is a contiguous word group that can be processed as a unit, which is actually a program in the numerical control processing program. The main body of the parts processing program consists of several segments. Most programs are used to instruct the machine to complete or perform an action. The program segment is composed of a size word, a non-dimensional word, and an end instruction. When writing and printing, each segment typically occupies a row, as does the screen display program.

The program format

The routine process consists of a start (single column), a program name (a single column), a program body, and a program end instruction (usually a single column). There is also a program terminator at the end of the program. The program start and program terminator are the same character: % in ISO code and ER in the EIA code. The program end instruction is available in M02 (program junction) or M30 (the tape ends). Nc machine tools are generally use stored program is running, as M02 with (have in common is: after completed all other instructions in the procedures section, to stop the spindle, cooling fluid and feed, and to reset the control system. M02 with (when used on some machine (system) is completely equivalent, and used on another machine (system) has the following different: use M02 end application occasions, run automatically stop after the cursor at the end of the program; Using the M3O to end the program, the cursor and screen display can be automatically returned to the beginning of the program, and the program can be run again by pressing the start button. While M02 and M30 allow you to use a program segment with other programs, it's best to make a single column, or just share a program segment with the serial number.

The program name is usually exclusive to a single line after the program's body, before the program's start. The name of the program comes in two forms: one is the specified English word (multi-purpose O), followed by a number of digits. The maximum allowable number of digits is specified by the specification, and the common ones are two and four. This form of program name can also be called a program number. In another form, the program name is composed of English word, number, or English, and the number is mixed, and the "-" number can be added in the middle. This form allows the user named process more flexible, for example on LC30 type CNC lathe processing parts drawing no. 215 of the flange of the third process procedures, can be named LC30 - FIANGE - 215-3, this gives a lot of convenient use, storage and retrieval, etc. The name of the program is determined by the numerical control system.