CNC Machining Parts High Precision Requirements

In the manufacturing process of NC machining parts, CNC Machining Parts the most commonly used machining methods are milling and turning, which are collectively referred to as machining. CNC Lathe processing plant cutting is divided into two kinds, called "rough cutting" and "precision cutting". So what are the specific differences between rough cutting and fine cutting?

CNC machining workpiece after "rough cutting", CNC Machining Parts very close to the required shape and size, but the processing surface still retains enough metal allowance for finishing, so that the workpiece surface smooth, accurate size.

Generally speaking, in the process of NC machining, steel bar, forgings, castings, etc. only through a rough cutting and one fine cutting can achieve the required shape and size. Sometimes, however, CNC Machining Parts parts of a mechanical part may require more than one rough cut. Some metal parts processing, such as precision requirements are not high or the need to cut the amount of metal is small, it may also be only a single fine cutting.

Precision cutting is to make the workpiece surface smooth, accurate size, CNC Machining Parts and thus a more precise cutting. Precision machining emphasizes accuracy-the use of very sharp knives, the removal of less metal, the precision of the measurement of higher requirements.

Whether rough cutting or fine cutting, CNC machining workers must be prepared according to the prior process to set rough cutting and finishing steps, and adjust the machine, must consider the size and shape of the workpiece, the type of material, the type of tool, as well as the nature of the cutting. Then start to adjust the machine to the correct speed and feed, adjust the cutter to achieve the required cutting depth. NC machining Process Analysis of parts is the most important and extremely complicated part in NC programming, CNC Machining Parts and it is also the core work of NC process design, which must be completed before the NC machining plan is made. A qualified programmer for CNC machine tools and their control system functions and characteristics, as well as the impact of NC machining Every link must have a clear, comprehensive understanding, so as to avoid the process plan due to ill-conceived and possible product quality problems, resulting in unnecessary resources such as human and material waste.

In NC machining, from the parts of the design drawings to qualified delivery of parts, CNC Machining Parts not only to take into account the preparation of numerical control procedures, but also to take into account such as the arrangement of parts processing routes, machining machine selection, CNC Machining Parts cutting tool selection, parts processing, such as the positioning of a series of factors such as the impact, before the start Must carry on the detailed numerical control processing craft analysis to the part design drawing and the technical request, CNC Machining Parts in order to finally determine which is the technical key of the parts, which is the difficult point of the NC machining, and the difficulty degree of the NC programming.