CNC Machining Parts High Precision Requirements

CNC lathes in the shaft, disk parts of the turning process has been widely popularized and applied. But most of these parts also follow the side or face drilling, tapping, milling and so on the process, CNC Machining Parts and now many customers still need to configure other machines to complete such milling and other processes.

At present there are already mature technology, CNC Machining Parts such milling and other processes into the lathe into a step, CNC Machining Parts in a CNC lathe in a clamping, complete parts of the milling machine drilling more processing. This machine is compared with the original sub-process of the process, provincial, provincial, provincial equipment investment, to ensure that the size of the milling and milling between the precision, CNC Machining Parts to avoid the size of the error caused by multiple clamping; This machine is the advantage of less equipment High

With the gradual decline in the cost of manufacturing CNC machine tools, now whether domestic or foreign, processing large quantities of parts of the situation has also emerged. Processing of small quantities and single-piece production, such as to shorten the program debugging time and tooling preparation time is also available.

There are good rigidity in CNC machine tools, CNC Machining Parts high manufacturing precision, accurate tooling, easy to size compensation, so it can process the size of high precision parts.

The surface roughness depends on the cutting speed and feed rate in the case of workpiece and tool material, finishing allowance and tool angle. Ordinary machine is a constant speed, CNC Machining Parts different diameter cutting speed is different, like CNC lathe with constant linear cutting function, car end, different diameter outer circle can use the same line speed, CNC Machining Parts to ensure that the surface roughness value is small and consistent. In the processing of surface roughness of different surfaces, CNC Machining Parts the roughness of the surface of the small selection of the feed rate, roughness of the surface selection of larger feeding speed, good variability, which is difficult to do in the ordinary machine.

Any plane curve can be approximated by a straight line or arc, the CNC machine has a circular interpolation function, you can process a variety of complex contours of the parts.

Audit parts CNC machining rationality, CNC Machining Parts select the CNC machine tool processing content can not be "overkill", to prevent the CNC machine downgraded to ordinary machine tools. When you choose and decide a part for NC machining, CNC Machining Parts it does not mean that all of its processing content is wrapped down, and may only be part of the NC processing. Should choose the most appropriate, most need to carry out CNC processing of the contents and processes for CNC machining. Usually part of the rationality of CNC machining to consider the factors are:

(2) according to the different performance of the machine and the different parts of the requirements of the NC processing (1) the complexity of parts, CNC Machining Parts high precision, multi-species, small batch production, CNC Machining Parts the use of CNC machining will get higher economic benefits; Parts of the classification, the distribution of different types of parts in different types of machine tools to obtain higher production efficiency and economic benefits. Should be as much as possible in the ordinary machine tools to complete the rough cutting of parts to improve the efficiency of CNC machine tools.