CNC Machining Parts CNC Programming

On the nc machining, it is to point to in the numerical control machine tool parts processing craft of a kind of method, numerical control machine tool and traditional machining procedure is consistent on the whole, but also significant changes have taken place. To control the machining of parts and tool displacement with digital information. It is an effective way to solve the problem of variety, small batch, complex shape, high precision and high efficiency and automation.

CNC machine tool is a machine tool used to control machine tools, whether it is a special computer or a general computer system called CNC system. The movement and auxiliary motion of nc machine tools are controlled by the commands issued by the numerical control system. The instruction of the numerical control system is prepared by the programmer according to the material of the workpiece, the processing requirements, the characteristics of the machine tool and the instruction format specified by the system (numerical control language or symbol). The numerical control system can control the various kinds of motion of the machine by issuing operation or terminal information to the servo device and other functional components according to program instructions. The machine will stop automatically when the parts are finished. Any numerical control machine tool can not work without input program instruction in its numerical control system. The controlled movement of machine tool includes the starting and stopping of machine tool. The switching of the main shaft and the rotation direction and rotation speed; The direction, speed and manner of the movement; Tool selection, length and radius compensation; Cutting tool replacement, cooling liquid opening, closing, etc

Numerical control programming: in order to improve the production automation degree, shorten the time and decrease the cost of the nc machining programming, in the aerospace industry development and the use of a series of advanced numerical control processing technology. Such as computer numerical control, which is small or micro computer instead of controller in the CNC system, and storage in a computer software to perform calculation and control function, this soft connection of computer numerical control system of numerical control system is gradually replacing the initial states. Direct numerical control is used to directly control multiple CNC machine tools with one computer, which is suitable for small batch production of aircraft. The ideal control system is the adaptive control system which can change the processing parameters continuously. Although the system itself is very complicated and expensive, it can improve the processing efficiency and quality. In addition to the improvement of the numerical control system and machine tools, the development of the software is another important aspect. Computer aided programming (also called automatic programming) is to write a program by the programmer to use numerical control language, after input into the computer for translation, it finally output by computer automatic punch tape or tape. The more widely used numerical control language is APT language. It is generally divided into primary and post-processing programs. The former interprets the program written by the programmer, and calculates the tool track. The latter makes the tool track into nc machine parts processing program. Nc machining, it is before the workpiece processed prior to write good programs on the computer, then the program using the computer input to the command control of machine tool processing, or directly in the computer program control of machine tool for processing writing instructions on the control panel. The process of processing includes: dao, changdao, variable speed, variable direction, parking, etc., all of which are automatically completed. Nc machining is an advanced method of modern die manufacturing. Of course, the numerical control processing means must not only be used in the mould parts processing, the use is very wide.

Technology analysis

The processing technology of the processed parts is very wide, and the following is the main content which must be analyzed and reviewed in combination with the possibility and convenience of programming.

1. Dimensions shall be marked in accordance with the characteristics of nc machining

In numerical control programming, all points, lines, dimensions and positions are based on the origin of the programming. Therefore, it is best to give the coordinate dimensions directly, or try to use the same reference size.

The conditions of the geometric elements should be complete and accurate

In programming, the programmer must fully grasp the geometrical element parameters and the relationship between the geometrical elements. Because at the time of automatic programming to outline all of the metal parts geometry elements are defined, the manual programming to calculate the coordinates of each node, no matter what is not clear or uncertain, programming can be performed. However, due to the lack of consideration in the design process of the part designer, the parameters are not fully or unclear, such as arc and line, arc and arc are tangent or intersecting or disjoint. Therefore, when reviewing and analyzing the drawings, be careful to find out the problems timely and contact the designers.

3. Reliable positioning datum

In nc machining, the machining process tends to be concentrated and it is very important to position the same base. Therefore, it is necessary to set some auxiliary benchmarks, or add some process punch to the blank.

4. Uniform geometry type or size

The shape of the part and the inner chamber are the best to use a uniform geometric type or size, which can reduce the number of times of changing the number of knives, and may also use the control program or special program to shorten the program length. The shape of the parts is as symmetrical as possible. It is convenient to use the mirror of nc machine tool to program the processing function to save programming time.