1.4462 Duplex 2205 DIN 934 Nut


DIN 934

M16 – 5000pcs.

M12 – 4000pcs.

M10 – 5000pcs.


machined, not forged!

without material stamping this time.

with certificate


1.4462 belongs to DUPLEX family, it is Alloy 2205 . this grade has a very good resistance against pitting and stress corrosion cracking.

here with the chemical data.

C (%)Si (%)Mn (%)P (%)S (%)Cr (%)Mo (%)Ni (%)N (%)

as well as physical property.

Hardness HB 30 HB0.2% Yield Strength RpN/mm²Tensile strength RmN/mm²Enlong A5>=%Modulus of elasticity kN/mm²reistant on air up to Density g/cm³Specific heat capacity J/kg KThermal conductivity W/m KElectrical resistivity Ω mm²/mSuitable welding filler materials