Inspection Equipment to check our products qualify .

spectrograph.jpgportable spetrum.jpg

Material test equipment


This is the spectrum tester which import from Italy , it can help to test the material .

For we need to cast the material as customer’s chemical request .

It is well worked.

tensil strength.JPG

Tensile machine

This machine can test material tensile strength ,yield strength , elongness , which can help us to know the material physical property.

hardness test.JPG2E63B8B0D0B58064D9F338B2A70B3A06.jpg

Hardness tester

This machine help us to know the hardness of the products ,

to check if meet customer's requiement .

ie. A356-T6 , we use HB 75 above.

for steel alloy 42CrMo , we use HRC45 above.

layer thickness tester.jpg

Coating thickness gauge

This machine help us to check the coating thickness ,ie . painting thickness , hot dip zinc plated thickness and so on.

Projection measuring instrument.jpg

Projection measuring instrument

This machine is very precise , and help us to measure precise tolerance dimension.

test bar.jpg

Tensile strength test bar.

We machine it as starndard , pls see picture , so that we take it to the lab and see if the result meet the requirement . here is the drawing of test bar.

impact bar.jpg

Notch bar

This is the notch bar impact test bar.