The Short Introduction of Inconel 600


Inconel 600 is a nickel-chromium-iron alloy. Inconel 600 has good high temperature corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, excellent hot and cold processing and welding performance. Inconel 600 alloy has satisfactory thermal strength and high plasticity below 700 °C.

Inconel 600 alloys can be strengthened by cold working, or by electric resistance welding, fusion welding or soldering. Inconel 600 alloy is suitable for the production of anti-oxidation parts with low load below 1100 °C.

Application field

● Thermowell in an erosive atmosphere

● Vinyl chloride monomer production: anti-chlorine gas, hydrogen chloride, oxidation and carbonization corrosion

● Uranium oxidation to hexafluoride: anti-hydrogen fluoride corrosion

●The production and use of corrosive alkali metals, especially the use of sulfides

●Using chlorine gas to make titanium dioxide

●Production of organic or inorganic chlorides and fluorides: corrosion resistance to chlorine and fluorine

Nuclear reactor

●The retort and components in the heat treatment furnace, especially in carbonized and nitriding atmospheres

● Catalytic regenerators used in petrochemical production are recommended to use alloy 600H in applications above 700 °C for longer service life.

Inconel 600 is suitable for welding with the same material or other metals using any conventional welding process, such as tungsten electrode inert gas shielded welding, plasma arc welding, manual sub-arc welding, metal inert gas shielded welding, molten inert gas shielded welding, in which pulse Arc welding is the preferred solution. When using manual arc welding, it is recommended to use (Ar+He+H2+CO2) a mixture of various protective gases.