The Development of Aluminum Processing

From the macro level of economic growth, the medium-view perspective of industry evolution, and the micro-behavior of enterprise development, we all find that the current aluminum industry will become an inevitable trend from the smelting of primary electrolytic aluminum into deep processing. Aluminum processing products are generally priced in the form of “aluminum price + processing fee”. When the total downstream demand and structural increments increase rapidly,some companies has technical advantages, channel advantages, cost advantages and location advantages. It can be guaranteed, and there is still the possibility of improvement. If the capacity expansion factor is superimposed, the growth of performance will be fast and significant.

In recent years, China's aluminum profile industry has grown rapidly and has fully developed into a highly competitive industry. As of the end of 2010, there were 824 aluminum-scale enterprises in China above the scale. After rapid development and intense market competition, the basic pattern was initially formed. At present, there are many production enterprises in China's aluminum foil industry, but the industrial concentration is low. No company has a significant market share, and no company can have a decisive influence on the development of the entire industry. In 2010, the national aluminum foil production was about 2 million tons, about 250 enterprises engaged in aluminum foil production, the average output was about 0.8 million tons, the average size was small, there were many small enterprises, and there was excessive competition in the field of low value-added products. .

With the rapid development of China's metal doors and windows, building curtain wall, transportation, chemical industry, power equipment industry, national defense industry and other industries, the demand for aluminum profiles will continue to grow, while new products, new processes, new uses of aluminum profiles will continue to emerge, thus promoting technological progress and sustainable and healthy development of the industry. The aluminum profile industry will still show a good development trend in 2011-2015.

With the rapid growth of China's aluminum profile industry, the sales revenue of the aluminum profile industry will also increase year by year. According to statistics, from 2005 to 2010, the annual growth rate of sales revenue of China's aluminum profile industry was 35.20%. According to the current domestic and international economic situation, combined with the 2005-2010 China aluminum profile industry sales revenue data and China's economic growth data, roughly estimate the 2011-2015 China aluminum profile industry sales revenue annual compound growth rate of 20%, in 2015, China Aluminum The sales revenue of the profile industry will reach 10498 billion yuan. With the rapid development of the downstream industry of aluminum foil, the demand for aluminum foil will continue to increase. By 2012, the consumption of aluminum foil will reach 1.8 million tons, and in 2013 it will reach 2.1 million tons. The compound annual growth rate in 2011-2013 is 17 %.