Pressure Cast Zinc Alloy : Solidified under External Pressure

Since the application of die-cast zinc alloys in the automotive industry in 1940, its output has increased dramatically. About 25% of the total zinc consumption is used to produce this alloy.The connected advanced and applicable technologies are being continuously adopted and developed rapidly. Corresponding related talents are also increasing. The most commonly used alloy is the Zn-Al-Cu-Mg system. Certain impurities significantly affect the properties of die-cast zinc alloys. Therefore, the content of impurities such as iron, lead, cadmium and tin is extremely strict, and the upper limit is 0.005%, 0.004%, 0.003%, and 0.02%, respectively. Therefore, the zinc alloy for die casting should use high purity zinc with a purity greater than 99.99% as a raw material.