Method of Processing Aluminum

First, the aluminum ingot is processed into a material by a plastic processing method, and the main methods are in rolling, extrusion, drawing and forging. Aluminum processing began in the early 20th century in industrial production. Before the 1930s, it basically used copper processing equipment, which was mainly used in aircraft manufacturing. After the 1960s, aluminum production developed rapidly, growing by about 4 to 8% per year. The products are widely used in aviation, construction, transportation, electrical, chemical, packaging and commodity industries. The output is second only to steel and ranks second in metal materials. In the mid-1950s, China built some larger aluminum processing plants and formed a production system. The products have been serialized and the varieties have seven alloy systems, which can produce plates, strips, foils, pipes, bars, profiles, wires and forgings (Free forgings, die forgings), these eight types of products.