Different Kinds of Zinc Alloys

Zinc alloys, also known as zinc-based alloys, are generally classified into binary alloys, ternary alloys, and multicomponent alloys. Binary zinc-based alloys generally refer to zinc-aluminum alloys; ternary zinc-based alloys generally refer to zinc-aluminum-copper alloys; multi-component alloys generally refer to zinc-aluminum-copper and other trace metals.

Zinc-based alloys, zinc alloys, zinc-aluminum alloys are a broad concept and do not refer to the concept that the alloy can satisfy a particular function. For example, zinc-aluminum alloy is classified into low-aluminum-zinc-based alloy, medium-aluminum-zinc-based alloy and high-aluminum-zinc-based alloy according to the content of aluminum Although they are all zinc-aluminum alloys, their performance is very different.

Low-aluminum-zinc-based alloys are generally binary alloys, mainly used for anti-corrosion functions, and basically replace the galvanizing process (new technology) with galvanized aluminum alloy. Medium-aluminum zinc-based alloys are generally ternary alloys, mainly used for fastening functions, and are often used to make fasteners such as rivets. The reason is that in addition to their strength and elongation, the most important thing is that they have good construction convenience. High aluminum zinc based alloys are generally ternary or multicomponent alloys. The alloy has such characteristics that different smelting parameters and casting processes are used, and the materials produced have great differences in properties; some have good elongation and are suitable for manufacturing fasteners, and some have high strength and are suitable for manufacturing. High-strength housings, only a small part of the friction reduction coefficient is suitable for the manufacture of sliding bearings; therefore, high-aluminum-zinc-based alloys are called "magic alloys" abroad. In general, zinc-based bearing alloys are all high-aluminum-zinc-based alloys, but high-aluminum-zinc-based alloys are not all plain bearing alloys.